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Book Review Guidelines

The Globe at War is always looking for original, well-researched and well-written articles or book reviews. If you like to write, or are thinking about writing an article about military history than this website is the place for you.

The focus of The Globe at War is primarily on the Second World War, but article submissions and book reviews about the First World War, The Cold War (including the wars occurring during the Cold War), and today's wars are also accepted. The Globe at War is a privately owned web based community for individuals with an interest in military history, as such you, the author, retain full copyright for your articles and book reviews.

The Globe at War welcomes first time authors as well as experts in their fields. There are no set credentials required to write for The Globe at War. However, your writing will be evaluated and there are several criteria weighed in making a decision regarding publication.

Submission Guidelines

If you are anything like me than almost nothing is better reading than a good book about military history. On the other hand, it is hard to find a greater reading disappointment than purchasing a book that seemed wonderful when, for example, shopping online, but then failed to live up to the advance billing once delivered to your door. Therefore, if you have read a book on military history you would like to review than The Globe at War is the place for you. Please note that we prefer you submit reviews for books that you would recommend for others - why waste time reading about a lousy book when you can better assist others in finding something enjoyable.

The focus of The Globe at War is primarily on the Second World War, but reviews about any military or military history related books are welcome. Before you decide to submit a review there are a few guidelines you need to meet.

First, your book review needs to be original. Many well-informed readers on this website would be more than happy to call you out if you are trying to take credit for someone else's work.

Second, your review needs to answer the following questions before it will be published: What is the book's subject matter - memoir, biography, unit history, campaign study, etc…? What is the book's thesis? What are the author's credentials? Is the book authoritative? What are the sources the book relies upon? How extensive are these sources? What kind of special features are in the book? For example, are there original maps or pictures? Conversely, are there special features missing that would have made the book easier to follow or understand? What are the book's strengths? What are its flaws? Have you read any other works by the same author? If so how does this book rate against the author's past work? How does the book stand up against competitive or complementary works? In answering questions such as these you will provide our readers with the tools to help them decide if the book is worth buying, or something better left on the shelf.

Third, make sure your review has a heading; including the book's author, title, publisher, number of pages, price, and whether hardcover or soft cover. Also include your name, and a paragraph about you stating why you are qualified to review this book. In addition, make sure your review is more than 700 words but less than 1,500 words.

If you would like to submit a review, you must first create an account. I look forward to your suggestions for our reading list!