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The Globe at War welcomes those interested in military history and international affairs. Although The Globe at War's primary emphasis is on World War II, it also seeks to serve as the web's single best resource for individuals fascinated by the previous hundred plus years of military history. 

The Globe at War is a member driven, independent, online community dedicated to discussing and exploring the global conflicts that defined the twentieth century and today. In building a community for those interested in the past hundred plus years of global warfare this website offers a place for those seeking to learn about, debate, and contribute to the study of modern military history. 

Thoughtful contributions are not just welcomed, but encouraged, including via; a community generated and rated articles page, book and other media reviews, and much more. The Globe at War offers ample opportunities to learn about World War I, World War II, The Cold War, and the current wars for control over global resources and opinions. The Globe at War features article submissions, book reviews and photo galleries that include short descriptions for each photograph posted. In addition please enjoy our news feed; updated daily and focusing on international military affairs. Whether you are a student, teacher, academic, current or retired professional from a defense related field, or a military history buff, we look forward to your participation, and welcome you to The Globe at War.