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Another Positive Review of Why Germany Nearly Won

on Fri, 04/10/2015 - 17:08

I am happy to report Why Germany Nearly Won has landed another positive review. This time it comes from

The website's well regarded Second World War historians (website editor Peter Antill has authored three World War II books with Osprey, and his co-editors also have solid credentials) endorsed my work as seen in the following excerpt from their full review:

"Mercatante's main argument is that quality was more important than quantity when attempting to explain the course of the Second World War....Overall I agree with the author's main argument. The Germans were being out-produced by their enemies in 1940-41 and still won stunning victories...Sometimes the quantitative side of things is dismissed a little too easily, but his main argument is well made."

The publishes articles, book reviews, and more. It's review of Why Germany Nearly Won was posted on February 8, 2015. For excerpts from additional professionally published reviews of my work see here.

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