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This is the Best Book on the Subject

“Steven Mercatante in his "Why Germany Nearly Won" has outdone them all. He has placed before us an intellectual banquet. I have been reading World War II history books for fifty years. That was my father's war and I grew up surrounded by veterans from every theater. I have studied history at the graduate level, and although it was not my home department in graduate school, I have known, studied under and worked with some "name" historians.

Why Germany Nearly Won in the News

on Thu, 02/23/2012 - 19:48

As most of you by now probably know, I normally don't write anything about the book in the blog. That said, I thought everybody would like to see some of the coverage it has been getting. Anyway, here are two direct links to news articles (both are really more about me and the writing process rather than the book's content):

Attorney's Book Challenges Traditional View of WWII

Book Details How Germany Came Close to Winning War

In addition, the wire services picked up the second article so that it has been reproduced around the US including The Colorado Springs Gazette, Observer and