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Military History Monthly

Military History Monthly Reviews and Recommends Why Germany Nearly Won

on Wed, 07/10/2013 - 18:47

Now it may seem like all we have been publishing lately are notices about the great reviews garnered by Globe at War editor Steven Mercatante's book Why Germany Nearly Won: A New History of the Second World War in Europe. However, we do have more great content to come, it's just that lately the reviews have been coming in at a rapid pace. And so here we are again. This time the book review is from Military History Monthly - a UK publication focused upon exploring Britain’s own military history and 20th century conflicts.

In its newly released July 2013 issue Military History Monthly

Military History Monthly Commends Why Germany Nearly Won:

"a fresh perspective on key events...Mercatante's...scholarship is undoubtedly on solid ground, which makes this book a welcome addition to Second World War bibliography."

Military History Monthly published its review of Why Germany Nearly Won in its July 2013 issue


WWII History Magazine Praises Why Germany Nearly Won:

"This is an intriguing book that will surely be of great interest to students of World War II. It offers a fresh analysis of why Germany was beaten and poses reasons why it should have won."

WWII History Magainze